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Shri Manikchand Dhariwal
10th January, 1910 - 30th March, 1954
Shri Manikchandji Dhariwal imbibed the values of charity, integrity, and compassion into Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal's (RMD) young mind right from his childhood. Back when he ran his own business, his father was a steadfast source of support for his employees – listening to every little problem, doing whatever he could to help them.
RMD carried forward this legacy with several employee-friendly initiatives. From running special buses for pregnant lady employees to lighting up homes around the town, his father's inspiring example was the shining beacon at every step.
Smt. Madanbai M. Dhariwal
23rd October, 1914 - 11th February, 2004
Smt. Madanbai Dhariwal, RMD's mother, was a source of unbound wisdom. She was instrumental in shaping his future. Instead of cushioning him with the support of family gold, she directed him to the path of hard work. Her support and guidance went a long way in helping him emerge through the tough times in life when he was starting off.
Right from taking merchandise on bicycles to travelling in the back of cargo trucks; her faith and self-belief provided the driving force that RMD needed to reach where he is today.