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EVENT   »   Blood Donation - Pune
The RMD Foundation believes in making a real difference in people's lives. This year we focused our entire energies on a simultaneous blood donation drive across 22 centers in Pune. Beyond creating awareness, our motto was to create a bank of first time donors, thus building an army of donors in the long term.
This initiative was the highest blood donation done in a single day by any NGO in the region.

Along with a team of 2500 plus volunteers, the whole of Pune came together as one big family. Citizens cutting across diverse backgrounds – the Police personnel, Doctors, Armed forces, Farmers, Advocates, Architects, CAs and the urban as well as rural youth joined hands. There were over 5000 first time donors, which included over 25 donors who have previously donated blood over 50 to 100 times.
  In all 136 booths were setup across 22 centers, with 3000 beds. Thousands of blood bags were collected in a single day.  
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